Grandma Would Approve of Today’s Kitchen Design

Think about the design of your grandmother’s kitchen. What comes to mind? For me, it’s not the design of the kitchen so much as the activities in it. I remember spending the better part of the day in my grandmother’s kitchen, watching her cook over the stove, stirring the ever-present pot of potatoes, smiling.

I think the main reason that I remember WHAT happened in Grandma’s kitchen and NOT the room itself is because the room was functional, not designed to be pretty or “flashy”, as Grandma would say. Everything had its place in the cabinets and kitchen layout was meant to be simple and unobtrusive. The kitchen table was off to one side as to be out of the way and the sink was near the fridge. Simple design for a simpler time.

After buying your house, the design of your kitchen has to be near the top of your list of priorities. Do you have a large family that you expect to visit often? Do you have small children that will have to access pantry shelves to reach snacks when they want them? Do you cook a lot? Gourmet or conventional? These are all questions you have to ask yourself when thinking about the functionality of your kitchen.

For the gourmet cook, maybe and island with a slop sink for your garbage is a good idea. This will both keep the meat germs centralized as well as opening up the rest of your counter space for chopping, rolling, kneading or seasoning.

Have a large family that will want to chat as you prepare? Add a kitchen bar counter with stools outside of the creation area so you can enjoy company without their being in your way.

The newest ideas in kitchen layout stem from an idea called “Universal Design.” This concept approaches kitchen design from both the functional and practical aspects, like I covered in the last few paragraphs, but also looks to the trends in kitchen styles from lighting to floors to cabinetry and countertops. Using this concept, your kitchen can truly become a central focal point of your house.

So, after thinking about all the practical ideas behind the room, you can think about the design, and I mean beautification, of the kitchen. Does your home have a modern feel?? Accent your kitchen with rail or recess lights, a marble floor and countertops to match. Even appliances can be made custom to match the décor.

Stainless steel is a great option for appliances both it matches any décor and can be made custom to fit into older kitchen spaces.

So think about what you want in your space, and then check out your local home improvement store for options. Doing it yourself can be gratifying, but depending on how much money and time you have to spend, a contractor may be the choice for you.

Create a space that will be remembered for its style and also for the loving memories that will be created there.

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