Using Mosaics to Enhance Your Sedona Area Home

As the housing and real estate markets across the country experience a slump, and prices in some places fall, there are some pockets where homes are holding their value. One of these pockets is in Sedona, AZ. Sedona real estate has managed to maintain its value, with prices, especially on luxury real estate, holding fairly steady. And it is possible to further enhance the value of your home with tasteful decorative touches. And one of the trends in Sedona real estate is adding mosaics to the floors.

Mosaics are pictures made from small bits of stone or glass. The bits are arranged to make a picture. Because Sedona real estate is located in the desert, mosaics depicting lizards and geckos, colorful dragonflies, lovely desert plants or the glorious sunset are preferred. This idea is to create a beautiful work of art that reflects the surroundings and brings a little bit of the outdoors, indoors.

Sedona, AZ property that has these mosaics find that the home price increases. A beautiful work of art comes standards in more and more luxury Sedona real estate. One of the most popular motifs includes mosaics done on floor tiles.

Large style squares of tiling are becoming popular for living areas, entry ways and hall ways in Sedona. These large tiles, often one or two feet on a side, are perfect for creating a base for mosaics. Only one or two tiles are decorated with the mosaics. The tiles are then placed — just so — in an area that can be seen, but is unlikely to be covered up by furniture or to be walked on too much.

This Sedona real estate trend is also extending to out door areas. A mosaic tile can easily be added to a patio. Some are including smaller mosaic tiles on kitchen counter tops or even in bathrooms. Tiled walk ways leading up to the house, or tiled garden paths also make excellent places for mosaics. The idea is to add a little uniqueness to the house, in the form of tasteful, permanent art. And such features can increase the value of your home, as well as make it more beautiful and enjoyable to live in.

If you are looking for a way to add beauty to your home, and increase the value of your Sedona real estate, consider adding a mosaic tile to your decor. It’s unique, creative and a work of art.

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